1700 E. Fairview Drive, DeKalb, IL

  • Architect: Various
  • General Contractor: Various

For many years, Kelso-Burnett Co. has been working with FedEx to keep up with their growing operational needs. In Wheeling, Illinois, Kelso-Burnett worked to increase the facilities size by constructing a new addition to an existing warehouse. Kelso-Burnett Co. electricians installed new conveyors, panels, high voltage stations, new shoots for mail sorting, and installed a ‘Singular’ which keeps packages from getting congested on the conveyor belts.

More recently, Kelso-Burnett Co. and HK Systems, Inc. constructed the new FedEx Ground shipping hub at Bedford Park, which is the largest FedEx facility in the world. This new facility offers 880,000-square-foot space, houses 243 dock doors, and almost 9-miles of conveyors. Kelso-Burnett electricians installed six 1,200 A conveyor distribution panels, feeding 23 motor control panels. It also powered over 470 motors, 3,000 control devices and five different communication systems. The project required 1.4 million feet of wire which is enough to stretch nearly 250 miles.