Pro Com Security - Services

Businesses lose billions of dollars every year due to theft.  Protecting your facility and its staff is a number one concern in today’s environment.  Pro Com Systems can provide you with 24-hour surveillance from one central location giving you the control you need.  With today’s digital surveillance systems you can rotate, tilt, and zoom your cameras from one or multiple locations.  You can control and monitor when your employees enter and leave your facility so that you can have an audit trail to tell you who is coming and going.  You can control or deny access to sensitive areas for each individual employee, establish the times and days for access and you can do all this right from your own computer.

Pro Com Systems also offers 24/7 monitoring, with a UL Listed Central Station Monitoring Agency to notify you if the alarm system for your facility has been breached.   Pro Com Systems is state licensed and all employees receive FBI and State of Illinois background checks.

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