Pro Com Communication - Healthcare Facilities

In a health care facility, time is always of the essence.  In today’s health care facility, staff is pressured like never before to provide patient care in a timely manner.  Pro Com Systems is a GE/Dukane strategic partner, and we can offer a variety of nurse communications systems from simple tone and light systems to elaborate systems that integrate wireless devices such as Vocera badges, wireless telephones, pocket pagers, and infrared tracking systems.  Today’s systems are also capable of tracking and recording system activity to enhance patient satisfaction. 

Nursing homes and psychiatric wards provide a special challenge in keeping residents within their designated areas.  We offer door alarm systems that can lock down a door if a badged resident gets too close to an exit preventing an unauthorized exit. 

Overhead paging provides a means of alerting staff and visitors to dangerous conditions, allows for overhead paging and can also simply provide back ground music in health care facilities.

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