Ballard Engineering - What We Do

Ballard Engineering Inc. provides design, engineering, consulting, and construction services for businesses and organizations that need energy management.

Our History
Ballard Engineering is a premier contractor in the energy and power-management industry, and we have been a respected firm since our conception in 1982. Today Ballard Engineering works with clients from throughout the United States, Canada, South America and the Middle East.

Our Services
Ballard Engineering is a leader in the small (1-20 MW) power generation market, both in the United States and abroad. Ballard's unique design/build capability provides a turnkey approach to power plant design. Our projects range from single engine power generation plants to central utility plants that provide electricity, steam, and chilled water for an entire building campus.
Companies both large and small are finding good reasons for generating their own power. Lower costs, local control and increased reliability make distributive generation a very practical and cost effective way to contend with changes in the electric utility industry.
Ballard Engineering provides consulting and design/build engineering services to industrial, commercial, and institutional clients worldwide. Our most recent projects have included consulting engineering in Africa and both design engineering and project management on a cogeneration and chilled water plant for the largest shopping mall complex in Latin America.

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