At work

Working together to ensure success

Design/Build/Assist is the fastest growing method of project delivery in the country. It’s not only popular among owners but is also becoming the method of choice for developers, contractors and design professionals.

Besides being cost effective, Design/Build/Assist creates a teamwork environment in which all parties work together to ensure success. This results in a higher level of quality and workmanship, a faster turnaround time, a more acute attention to detail and a lower risk of error.


Benefits of Design/Build/Assist

A study performed in a post-doctoral research report entitled “A Comparison of United States Project Delivery Systems” by Mark D. Konchar at Penn State University highlights the benefits of the Design/Build/Assist method:

  • Unit cost (final project cost divided by the area) was at least 4.5% less than Construction Management at Risk and 6% less than Design/Bid/Build
  • Construction speed (facility gross square footage divided by the construction time) was at least 7% faster than Construction Management at Risk and 12% faster than Design/Bid/Build
  • Delivery speed (facility gross footage divided by the design and construction time) was at least 23% faster than Construction Management at Risk and 33% faster than Design/Bid/Build

Design/Build/Assistance services we provide include:

  • CHP Combined Heat and Power Plant
  • Sub-station
  • Control systems Equipment and Building HVAC
  • HMI human machine interface Graphical work stations using IFix – Ge products
  • Renewable Design and install Solar electric PV, Solar thermal, wind
  • Energy Consultation both Natural gas and Electrical via Constellation
  • New Energy Broker status
  • Generator Optimization Modeling in the Real time and Day ahead Pricing market
  • Equipment failure, accident investigation as a member of IENGA.
  • Thermal equipment Scans both electrical and mechanical.
  • Arc flash studies and coordination studies for electrical infrastructure


  • ICC licensed Renewable installer
  • P.E. licensed in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Wisconsin
  • Past president of the MCA Midwest Cogeneration Association
  • Member and Board member of MCA
  • Member of ISPE and IEEE