Uninterruptible power supplies

For many business operations, it is essential to maintain a consistent flow of power. To help you achieve this, even during times of severe weather or minor electrical complications, Ballard Services offers a variety of high-quality products and services, including the installation of Uninterruptible Power Supplies, otherwise known as battery backups or UPS devices.

UPS units help ensure that a continuous stream of electrical power is provided to all connected devices by supplying the necessary power from a separate source when utility power is unavailable. We can design, furnish and install UPS units in your professional environments to protect computers, telecommunication equipment and other technologies from crashing due to power shortages and outages.


By Derrick Coetzee from Berkeley, CA, USA (MGE UPS System at NERSC Uploaded by Dcoetzee) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

A safer and more efficient workplace

Similarly, generators can also provide your business with an alternate source of electrical power. Unlike UPS units, however, generators do not provide protection from momentary power interruptions and may result in an interruption when manually or automatically switched into service. Such generators are typically placed before the UPS units to provide them with initial coverage.

Whether you’re looking to protect a few key office computers, or your entire business operation, we’d be happy to provide your facility with a continuous supply of power to help ensure a safer and more efficient work environment.